Welcome to Blue×Angel's site.

Our clan was made by Apollo in 2006. The founders are Apollo and Kelly. If you're looking to join a legit clan, than let BA be your number one option. We are a clan that raids on a daily basis, we are not scared of confrontation. Everyone is welcome to join BA, except known clan-hoppers, we do not care what clan you were in before, or what other non-BA players thinking about you. Once you join BA, you will have the BA family supporting you instantly. We work as a team, making sure we represent BA proudly. We will be able to increase your fighting and raiding skills, but most importantly we can promise you that you will experience strong friendly bonds and (censored). All we really ask of you is to be loyal, respectful, and most of all have fun and enjoy yourselves.


Our motto: Never give up, never surrender.


Join BA today.



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For BA girls only!

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